Saturday, April 2, 2011


You know, it occurred to me yesterday as I was typing those fateful "sleeping through the night" words that I might later come to regret such a bold statement. And I do. I solemnly vow to never comment on Reagan's positive sleep status ever again. Cross my heart.

I'm fairly certain that our poor little miss is cutting some new teeth. Aside from the fabulous night of sleep, we've got a super runny nose, a serious lack of appetite, and all-around general crankiness. When you factor in Luke's incessant need to squeeze, push, taunt, and pinch Reagan, our outlook over here isn't looking so great for the day.

Apparently our calm, peaceful phase of life was coming to a close yesterday and although I wasn't aware at the time, yesterday's post seemed a fitting adios to a purely enjoyable space of time. But with all good things, there will be some not-so-good and hopefully this phase will pass quickly.

Fingers crossed.

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