Sunday, April 19, 2009

april 15, 2009

Wednesday was a big day in our family; Luke turned one and Keith took the day off of work to spend it with us in celebration! We started off our fabulous day of fun by getting Luke in the morning by singing Happy Birthday to him. He was still really groggy when we woke him up so it took him a second to get what was going on.

After he was dressed, he was ready to go! So excited for what's in store...

After breakfast, our first stop for the day was the doctor. When Luke was first born, he did so well with Dr. Chang. Smiled at him, gurgled and made cooing noises at him, the works. Well that didn't happen this time. He's not sure of the good doctor anymore. By the time he finally warmed up to the situation, it was time to clean out his ears. This required him being restrained, which he did not like AT ALL. It is one of the hardest things in the world to hear your child in pain. The only thing more difficult was knowing that he hadn't even gotten the three shots that were coming next. Needless to say, Luke couldn't get out of the office quick enough.

As he was taking his morning nap at home, Keith and my dad put together Luke's gift from us. I was impressed at how quickly the thing went together. Keith almost didn't need instructions. Doesn't mean he didn't try to do it without them at first. Good thing I was there to regulate.

We were so excited to show him his new castle. He wasn't quite sure at first, but he loves to go down the slide now. And someone has already taught him how to go down head first too. Dang.

Our original plan for after lunch was to take Luke to the Phoenix Zoo for the first time. Since Luke's birthday also fall on Tax Day, our plans changed. Anyone who knows very much about Keith knows that he is a political nut and he always likes to stay current with the news and goings-on of the political stuff. Across the country on April 15, people who were fed up with the government and the bail-outs staged Tea Parties reminiscent of the original tea parties in Boston to protest the crazy amounts of taxes that we will be hit with to pay for all these bailouts. Keith had initially wanted to go to the party at the Phoenix capital, but with Luke's birthday dinner being at the same time, that was impossible. Instead, I found out about a local tea party being held at the Gilbert Municipal building, so we went. It was a very neat experience and I feel like Luke attended a little piece of history on his birthday. This is us and one of my favorite signs out there:

My only requirement for attending the Tea Party was that we would get Luke some ice cream after it was over, so off we went to Dairy Queen. Luke has this crazy thing about ice cream; he never looks happy when he's eating it and it's the only thing he's ever had that he gets so completely angry about if you don't get it into his mouth fast enough. The pictures don't make it look like he enjoyed it, but I promise he did.

After the ice cream, he also got to spend some time in the play area. Please don't think I'm a bad mom because he isn't wearing any shoes. Keith was rushing us to get out of the house to make it to the Tea Party and he wanted to be the one holding Luke. In my mind, the reward of being the holder also entails making sure the child is fully ready to go. Another situation where Keith needed more directions than I assumed he did. Oh well.

We finished off Luke's birthday with having the Seibolt's, Andrew, Donn, and Holly over for a birthday dinner. Luke got to open a few gifts and got to be his normal ham-like self. Cute shoes dude!

As Keith and I went to bed that night, we counted our blessings for having such an amazing day with or little man. Hard to believe he's one, but so ready to see what the next year brings!

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Heather said...

What a busy and fun-filled day! You are so crazy thinking we would think you were a bad mom.. you are the furthest thing from that!