Sunday, April 12, 2009

things i love and/or a week in review

1. Luke's newest face to make for the moment:

Can typically be heard with the accompanying screech or growling sound. Nice.

2. Some beautiful time spent in our *well-manicured* back yard. Keith has been doing such a great job with the plants and our grass. I don't typically give him enough credit for everything he does, so here it is. I'm tooting your horn sweetheart.

During our time in the yard, Luke was walking around and fell down fairly hard. He didn't get back up and after checking that he was okay, I took pictures. For some reason, it struck me as funny that he didn't get back up. My suspicion is that he figured out a way to be closer to the grass and leaves that he kept trying to eat.

3. I love baby jammies and the fact that Luke *always* sits with his legs crossed.

4. Luke loves to stand at our back door and watch what's going on outside. This usually involves beating the glass to some degree as well. On this particular day, Luke was watching Keith and Rosco.

Luke thought it was the greatest thing to match his hands up on the window to his Daddy's. I love the simple things that make him happy.

5. Father/Son story time with Luke's current favorite book. (crossed legs...see?)

6. Keith has an issue with his armpits. The typical antiperspirant/deodorant makes his armpits burn uncontrollably. He's used the same deodorant for as long as I've known him and it has been progressively more difficult for us to find it over the years. Our last sure-fire place, Safeway, recently stopped carrying it as well. We've tried so many other kinds and varieties of deodorants with no success.
Recently, Keith joked that I should check Amazon and buy a case for there. Turns out you can actually do that, but Amazon didn't have his particular brand in stock. was a savior. Keith now has 8 new sticks of his beloved deodorant that should last him easily through the remainder of this year.


Heather said...

You are too cute! I can't wait to see you all soon!

Traci Tenkely said...

I love all of your favorite things as well. Particularly #3 - crossed baby feet are freakin adorable. #5 because that is the cutest daddy/son photo because it looks like Keith is catching up on some light reading until you catch the kid feet dangling from behind the book - adorable! And #6 - I once bought Thomas and entire case of his favorite sunflower seeds online. Boys are funny - and sometimes too easy to please! And yes - your lawn looks fabulous! Very jealous.