Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today was Luke's first Easter and it was packed full of family celebration goodness. We started off the day attending Mass in the Grass (dirt really) at St. Mary Magdalene. Since we hold our weekly Mass in a local school because our church hasn't yet been built, each year Easter Mass is held on the property where our church will soon be. Even though it rained most of the day yesterday, the field was remarkably dry...or drier than I expected. Luke did as well as he normally does during Mass and tried to sing at all the wrong times, but did well considering we pushed into his nap time and he's only 11 months old. *I'm going to push the 11 months old thing until he's actually 1 on Wednesday. I'm just not ready for that yet.*

After Luke finished his much needed nap, he got to spend some quality time with Nonna and Grandpa. I'm glad that Jeanne and Donn got the chance to see him before we headed out to my Uncle Rob and Aunt Kym's home for the Feidler family get-together. Some of the Aunts were so sweet to organize an Easter Egg Hunt for the kiddos. Killian and Luke didn't quite understand the concept. They each found an egg and were done.

Luke was actually more interested in the soccer ball initially. Once we showed him that the eggs opened up, he came around to the idea of playing with the egg. He spent some time trying to figure them out.

Luke and Killian ended up enjoying the Easter Eggs. Yay!

Kelly and Nick are also in town for the weekend visiting so Kate, Kelly, and I were able to get a picture together. A year ago today, Kelly was the bride and Kate and I were bridesmaids all getting our pictures taken together then too.

After watching the conclusion of the Master's and chasing Luke incessantly around the house while he refused to take his afternoon nap, we headed on over to the Diaz family get-together. We arrived just in time to eat some of the yummy food my Grandma makes and fill ourselves silly with the amazing desserts. Luke finally passed out in the car on the way home from an exciting day.

Keith and I are truly blessed in that we were able to spend this Holy day with our families and people who love us. We are thankful for the sacrifice our Lord has made to help make such wonderful days like these possible.

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Heather said...

Wow you had quite the day! I love how intrigued Luke looks by the eggs! Glad you enjoyed your Easter