Wednesday, April 22, 2009


On Saturday, we got to celebrate Luke's 1st birthday at his parties. I'll be honest-I felt we had to separate the group into two. The first party was for our families and the second party was for friends and a lot of the little kiddos Luke sees and plays with. Each party still felt overwhelming to me with the amount of people, but Luke had a great time and that's what matters. Luke was blessed with so many gifts and we are grateful for every single one. Everyone was so generous; he'll have clothes for the next year and toys for the rest of his life!

Between Keith, myself, and my sister, Beth, we took an amazing amount of pictures, but I'm posting just a few here. Enjoy!

The birthday boy getting ready to open gifts.

Let's get the party started!

Luke has a thing about tissue paper. Someone could have given him a package of tissue paper and he would have been content for hours.

Luke received this cup as a gift from the Hildwine's. I didn't take to sticker off or fill it up with anything to drink, but he proceeded to suck on it for the remainder of the time opening gifts.

Luke's new big boy chair from Nonna.

Feeding Nonna some yummy cupcake.

family photo

Luke's main goal for both of the cupcakes was to smash them and spread them, not eat them. Apparently Luke isn't a huge fan of cake just yet except when he gets to put it in his hair, his ears, all over his face, his get my drift. Cupcake was a decoration, not a food.


Belinda Berling said...

Love his reaction to the cupcakes. And I really loved the cardigan you were wearing!! Super cute! I'm glad he had a great birthday party :)

Heather said...

Thanks for letting me enjoy the celebration! You are too cut emaking that cupcake eating shirt btw. I had a good time on the observation couch ;)

kristi*jansen said...

happy birthday! can't belive it's already been one year! wow :)