Sunday, May 3, 2009

because i love bath time

My parents and my sister's family got Luke the cutest monkey-themed decorations for his bathroom for his birthday. The goal is to eventually paint the bathroom to match, but it might take me awhile to get there. For now though, everything is up and looks adorable. The only drawback I have is that there wasn't any coordinating wall decorations that matched the set. After talking my mom and I decided that taking pictures of Luke in the tub, framing them, and hanging them up would be the best idea for now. Here are the ones I think we'll use.

For some reason, I like how the camera caught the water in the picture too. Sort of fits in a bathroom, right?

I'm posting this last picture because this cracks me up. I hate getting my face wet. I don't like when the shower sprays me in the face or even when it drips on me. Yuck. Luke loves this. He cracks up every time we dump water on his head. Crazy!


Traci Tenkely said...

That is such a great and idea - and those photos are too perfect! And too cute.

Heather said...

What she(Traci) said. :)