Sunday, May 3, 2009

gabrielle's party

Two weeks ago (yes-I am that far behind) we were invited to go to Gabrielle's first birthday party. It was so fun to get to celebrate her big day with her and to visit with friends we haven't seen in what seems like ages.

Because we had the three babies together, and because we'd forgotten at the previous parties, we attempted to get an updated picture of them together. Needless to say, this picture is getting progressively more difficult as they get older. Most pictures ended up like this.

Luke, Gabrielle, and Ashlyn

After a few tries though, we got as close to a "money shot" as we were going to get. Aren't they so dang cute?

I'd love to add more to the story, but we weren't able to stay very long. Luke's leg was still in a lot of pain and he was not cool with missing his afternoon nap. Very not cool with missing the nap.


Kristi said...

Those were great pictures! It's becoming more and more difficult to catch a good picture of one of them, let alone all three of them together! hehe ;)

Traci Tenkely said...

Luke is almost a head taller and quite the ladies man!