Monday, September 22, 2008

how to tame a wild jungle

I am not one to help with the maintenance of our yards in any part typically, so I don't remind Keith or really even mention the status of our yard to him. It's his baby, so I usually let him decide what's necessary for it. I had to take a stand this past week. Our yard has not been touched pretty much since Luke has been born. Actually, I am positive there has been no work on it since then. I finally said something about it, so the work was done on Sunday.

This is a picture taken of our yard before work began:

The grass was actually 11 inches tall. I measured and you can tell from Rosco standing in the grass. He didn't even want to go near it by this point, but Keith dragged him into the lawn.

Can you see my feet?

Even the trees were overgrown...With the exception of this one. I think it went in to protest mode and was jealous of the neighbors tree next it that was probably getting properly cared for. They should have looked fairly similar.
I like to think of this picture as a nod to Where's Waldo. I used to love those books!

Dog poo had to be handled as well.
Because the grass was so long, it had to be weed-eaten (weed-eated?) before he begin mowing. I love the path he was making as he was going.

Where have I been this whole time other than documenting it? Supervising. :)

Around this time I had to get Luke to feed him so I wasn't able to document the actual mowing, so instead I present you with the final product:

To me it looks dead, but what do I know? The jungle has been tamed, mutilated, removed, whatever and that's all that matters.


Heather said...

I love you and blogging! You always include the befores, during, and afters. I love also that you were out there supervising and documenting the majority of the time! I also agree with you that it looks a lil dead.. but I guess thats why we don't work at Treeland huh?! :)

Traci Tenkely said...

Supervising is really the only way to assist with the yard work! A woman after my own heart.

Sara White said...

Is Keith for hire?

kristi*june said...

isn't keith in the nursery biz? must specialize in creating, not maintaining! lol ;)

looks great!!