Sunday, September 21, 2008

notre dame and lowe's

Keith and I can't get over how much we enjoy being parents and how much we love this boy we created. After Keith conquered the jungle today (more on that in another post), Luke and I went to see his work. This is the baby that greeted us:

He was wearing his Notre Dame hat to support his godfather, Luke, in his final season of playing soccer there. This hat is actually supposed to be for a toddler, if that gives you any indication of how large his head is!

After Keith cleaned up, we headed off to Lowe's. We're thinking of putting a garden in the backyard to grow some fruits, vegetables, and various herbs. We're not quite sure where to start, so we headed off to Lowe's to get some ideas and price some things out. We definitely have plans to build one early in the spring, but we would be too rushed to get it all together right now to grow the appropriate things for the fall.

Anyways, this is the face Luke got as we approached a certain section at Lowe's:

Any guesses on what it could be? This crazy kid loves fans!

I think if we ever face another fussy day (and I'm sure there are many to come), we might just make a trip to the fan department at Lowe's. He was so happy!

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Heather said...

He is so handsome in that pic! Too funny he loves ceiling fans too!