Saturday, September 6, 2008


For the past few days, Luke has been unusually cranky and fussy. My normally sweet and happy guy has been replaced with a baby who has issues eating, sleeping issues, drools constantly, and gets extremely impatient if his pacifier isn't in his mouth all the time. Today I think he had a very mild fever too. The only plus to this change in behavior is an abnormally snuggly baby. I *love* when he rests his head on my shoulder and snuggles his body into mine. I could deal with that part all day.

Keith and I have figured out that we think he's cutting his bottom two teeth. We see little white slits barely under the gums, so we're assuming this is a teething issue. We've tried baby oragel, baby tylenol, and all-natural teething tablets and its seems that a good combination of all three is helping at this point...well, as much help as he's going to get.

I'm ready for these teeth to just come in already.


Tara said...

Teeth are no fun. It is always such a guessing game of if they are in pain, if what you give them is actually helping, etc. Sometimes Shea's teeth would come in quickly, other times we thought they were SO close and then it would be a few more weeks. It also seemed like she would be affected by it in waves. So much for straight answers!

Oh, and your sewing stuff looks great! Those tag blankies are adorable.

Katie and Keith said...

thanks! I was telling Keith the other night that I should have given birth to some kind of instructions manual right after he was born. Life would be so much easier and less stressful that way...but I also guess it wouldn't be as much fun!

I'm glad you like the tag blankies. Your burp cloths inspired me! Where did you get the actual cloths? They are fabulous?