Tuesday, September 30, 2008

a walk in the park

Keith gets one Saturday off a month and this past Saturday was it for September. I love getting these days off with him. He works so hard six days a week, so when we get that one Saturday off, its a bonus! Usually we try to jam-pack it with all the things we want to do together, or for the past few Saturdays he's had off, we've traveled somewhere. This time, we got to take it easy and it was wonderful.

We started the morning off with a walk around our neighborhood. Keith and Rosco had never had the chance to go on a walk with Luke and I so we showed them our typical path and took a break at the park. The original plan was to lay out the blanket in the grass, but we quickly realized as we were walking that the grass gets watered early in the morning so we sat on the sidewalk instead. Here are some of my favorite pictures:

After a few minutes, Keith and I realized that it really hasn't cooled off that much yet. 100 doesn't count as cooler enough. This will definitely be an activity to save for a few more weeks down the road when it really does cool off.

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