Tuesday, September 9, 2008

a message from luke

for Grandma and Pop in New Mexico. He wanted to make sure you got the message...what ever that message might be in baby speak.

Love you guys and miss you!


{Mullins} said...

who lives in nm?? he's soooo cute!

The Westover Update said...

Katie! Please come and bring whatever you can!! the more choices the better!! I am so excited for this and if you have anyone who makes cute stuff like home decor or anything like that let me know and I would love to include them! Also email me with a list of people you would like to invite and i will mail out invites to them too!! my email is:
Can't wait to hear from ya!

Katie and Keith said...

Kel-My parents, Randy, and Beth and her family moved to NM almost a month ago. My dad got a job there, so away they went. I miss them!