Tuesday, January 6, 2009

derek's birthday

On Sunday, we helped celebrate our friend Derek's birthday. Kristi and Derek had a small party at their home and it was nice to get to see them and the Duran's again, not to mention meet some of their other friends I'd heard lots of good things about, but had never had the opportunity to meet before now. Since it was the first time we've had the opportunity to get the three babies together in a while, we had to take pictures again for documentation purposes (yeah right-we all know I love to take pictures just because!). They loved playing in Ashlyn's playroom, but didn't cooperate so well with the posed pictures on the couch. The picture on the couch is the best of the 20 or so I convinced Keith to take.

Miss Gabrielle making faces
Ashlyn, Luke, and Gabrielle
Mommies and babies
It is a very rare occasion when Luke will actually take the time to fall asleep on someone, but he didn't really have a choice this afternoon. I was so happy that I was the lucky one who he crashed on.

We love getting to spend time with the Arnett's. Happy birthday Derek!

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Heather said...

You guys are so darn cute!