Thursday, January 29, 2009

snip snip

On Tuesday, we took Luke to get his *first* haircut. As you know, I've been dreading this moment and really put it off far longer than I really should have. He was looking creepy there towards the end. Honestly, creepy.

Although he had no idea what I was talking about, I prepped him for it all day, making sure that I told him how nice Ashley was and how handsome he would be afterwards. I packed his diaper bag full of toys to distract him with and a container of puffs in case I was forced to bribe him with food. Because I was also getting my hair cut, Keith and I drove separately so he could leave with Luke when he was finished and put him down for bed at the regular time.

We decided that Keith would sit in the chair with Luke and hold him while I took the pictures. I think Keith just didn't want to get in trouble if he didn't take adequate pictures during the whole process. It seemed like it was going to go well when Ashley put the cute kiddo smock on Luke. He seemed to enjoy that.
As soon as we started though, Luke wasn't happy. He has this thing about having his head restrained. He likes to be able to look around and check everything out. When you have an extremely sharp pair of scissors in close proximity to your particularly large noggin, free reign with head movements is not in any one's best interest, especially Luke's. When I asked Keith where the diaper bag was so I could start the entertainment/distraction process, he had no idea what I was talking about. In my mind, wherever Luke goes, the bag goes. That thing is a lifeline to occupying and pacifying our child and since Keith wanted to be the one to drive Luke to the appointment, the bag was his responsibility. Keith's thoughts were that since I'm the mom, I was supposed to remember it. Either way, it wasn't there.
Ashley was so nice to try to help us find ways to try to take his mind off what was happening. Keith's first instinct was to put his finger in Luke's mouth (the bink was in the bag).

That lasted for all of about 10 seconds. Next thought was to see if he would play with a comb (the toys were in the bag).

It was almost like he was trying to hold on to the comb for dear life. Poor guy. The comb didn't last long, which was my fault. I was busy taking pictures when he stealthily put it in his mouth. Next.

Our last thought was to try to bribe him with a sucker that Ashley had (puffs were in the bag). We were willing to try anything at this point.

This also worked for approximately 10 seconds before he wanted nothing to do with it anymore. He's not used to sweet foods and he typically prefers vegetables to fruits, so I think that this was a little too much for him. Keith enjoyed it though.

We gave up trying at this point. We held him still, let him fuss, and finished the haircut.

Ashley said that he did really well compared to some of the other babies she's given haircuts to. I'm not sure if she was just being nice or if he really was quite the trooper. I feel really silly that I'd put it off for this long. Blame the crazy mom in me I guess. He is such a handsome guy now and I love the way it turned out!

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Heather said...

I would have to agree with you.. you've got quite the handsome lil man on your hands! :)