Monday, January 5, 2009

the snow globe, very extended version

It's been over a week since we returned from New Mexico, but we had so much fun that I've been trying to compose my thoughts before I sat down to write this. We left right after Luke's morning feeding on Friday morning, the day after Christmas. The car ride went really smoothly and we didn't hit any major traffic or accidents along the way. We did pass through a pretty solid storm in Tucson which proceeded to follow us the remainder of the way to Silver. About a half hour from my parents, we had to stop and feed Luke again. Poor kid was really hungry, but he was so preoccupied watching everything at the truck stop around us that he really didn't eat well. I'm also guessing that his lack of appetite might have been from being in a reclined position his car seat while eating. I've never been a big fan of eating while laying down (who is really?); maybe he isn't either.

Happy guy on his way to Grandma and Pop's!
After we finished at the rest stop, we made our way up the 5 mile dirt road to my parents. It began snowing and didn't finish snowing until about 8 hours later. After we got settled in at the house, we started in on opening gifts and eating an early dinner because Beth had to make it to work that night. It ended up that she was able to get off early (yay!) because of the snow which began creating ice on the roads.

The boys with Aunt Beth/Mom

The Wrights and the Waltemeyers

Luke, true to form, attacked the paper and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Randy with his Price is Right game and the very popular tin of popcorn.

Pop and Grandma with Killian and Luke. Luke kept saying buh-buh (bye-bye) to the camera. I think he was ready to be done with pictures.
I was super excited to get Luke in the snow the next morning. For some reason, I was convinced that as soon as the sun rose the next morning, the snow would vanish within minutes. Apparently all the time I spent in the snow at NAU had somehow been forgotten because there was still snow and ice on the roads when we left Sunday afternoon. Anyways, at 7:30 in the morning, when it was only about 20ish degrees outside, I made us go out and take pictures. It was one of my crazy mom picture-obsessed moments. Luke wore warm-up pants, jeans, a t-shirt, sweathshirt, heavy jacket, mittens, beanie hat, socks, and his monkey shoes. Poor kid could hardly move but as soon as we put him in the snow, he figured it out. He was mesmerized by the snow. He kept trying to move it and push it around trying to figure out what all the sparkly white stuff was. We could hardly even get him to look up to take some pictures.

After we finished with taking pictures, the boys decided it would be a great idea to sled down the driveway. The only issue we had is that they didn't own a sled, or even one of those dish things, so being the crafty boys that they are, the improvised. Here is what we used instead:

Its an old dish so it wasn't being used anymore. We each fit perfectly on it and had a great time. I, of course, was way too scared to go down the hill any other way than sitting on it. Keith and Randy were much more adventurous.

And this is what our car looked like the next morning. Andrea already asked if we used a plate to dig it out like we did at NAU, but I was too freakin' cold at this point so I was in the house when they got the snow off. I have no idea what they used.

We spent the rest of the day lounging around the house playing board games and watching football. Killian and Luke were able to spend a lot of time together eating, playing with Pop, and (true to form) having their picture taken.

Please take note of the binky situation in the pictures. It is Killian's bink, but at one point, Luke grabbed it and stuck it in his mouth in one swift motion before anyone could catch him. Sneaky kid that one.

Hands and knees together!

Okay, they are 7 and 8.5 months old. I knew their moods wouldn't last. Here are the outtakes:

And in the midst of all the baby picture madness, here is how we found my dad taking a nap behind us:

We had to get on the road again on Sunday to make it home before Keith had to work the next day. The drive isn't a very exciting one; actually, it isn't one bit exciting. This is what you see the entire drive:

Thrilling. I love going to visit my family and it's always super hard to leave. I miss them already and can't wait until they come down in January! I'll end this post with a little gem I caught on tape at the rest stop on our way out of town.


Julie Letner said...

ok, I love the whole "dish" sled. Very clever!! We made a snow trip ourselves and had a blast, although the day we went it was a nice 50 degrees outside. Luke looks cute in his snow gear!! Sounds like you had a great Christmas. Talk to you later.

Traci Tenkely said...

There is almost too much to comment on! First of all, what handsome little men you two have on your hands - freakin adorable. Second, I think I am also still mesmerized by glittery snow. Third, love the sledding.

Heather said...

I agree with Trac! What a long but fabulous post.. ! I love how you used the word gem, and the video made me laugh out loud! glad you all had a wonderful white Christmas!