Sunday, August 31, 2008

the activity table play thingee

Before Luke was born, Keith and I had decided that we wanted to get him some sort of play center/exersaucer thing for him and decided on one that has a table in the middle and has a seat attached that the kid can walk around the outside in. We first saw this when our niece/cousin Lillie was using one when she was little and loved the concept. Well, its about time for Luke to start in the thing, so I bravely attempted to put it together all by myself. This is what it looked like starting out:

so many pieces!

I persevered and put the entire thing together on my own, with the exception of putting the batteries in. That dang cover would not come off! The final product:

I was pretty impressed with myself! For someone who is admittedly not too handy, or I should say not handy at all, this was a big accomplishment for me! Here is Luke in it at the very beginning. He's not too sure yet.

What is this thing?!?

He also wasn't quite sure what to do with his feet. He didn't realize that he could put them on the ground.

After a few minutes, he stared to figure out that parts light up, have music, spin around, and are generally fun. I am so glad that he likes it!


Andrea said...

I miss him a million!!!! I am pretty sure he is the most precious baby boy I have ever seen

Scott & Kristen said...

So cute! I have never seen one of those. Something to look forward to!

Sara White said...

Hey katie, I just found your blog and your boy is amazing! He is 100%adorable! Your family is beautiful!
Hope you are all doing well!