Tuesday, August 19, 2008

olympics and keith's inability to dress/undress our son

As someone who hasn't really followed the Olympics in year's past, I can say that the Waltemeyer household has gotten swept up in the excitement of Michael Phelps and the gymnastics controversies. I have new high hopes that Luke could be an Olympic swimmer someday in the near future and I'm pretty sure that Nastia was robbed last night of a medal that should have been hers. Alicia too. Keith thinks that the US should boycott any future games until the scoring system is fixed to prove a point. I don't know how far that would actually get them, so I'm pretty sure its safe to say that won't be happening anytime soon.

Here are the boys watching track and field (not nearly as exciting of a competition...yet):

On a completely different note, I thought this picture was pretty funny. It seems that after 4 months, Keith still hasn't figured out how to get Luke dressed...or undressed...I can't remember which this was. Hopefully someday my memory will return.


Lolly Jane said...

so CUTE-love them watchin the olmpics together. i'm SO very bugged by the lame gymnastics scores myself-rigged, i say! looks like daddy doesn't know how to unbutton! ;)

The Westover Update said...

So cute!! I think that Colton has the same outfit...bluestipes with a truck on the front? Love the one piecers!!