Saturday, August 30, 2008

this will make keith proud

I'm not one to ever consider myself anywhere near interested in politics or anything politically related, but yesterday I changed my mind. Or at least I'm beginning to change my mind since McCain chose Gov. Sarah Palin for his VP. ***From what I've read and seen*** she's seems to be a pretty amazing woman. I love that she doesn't come across as gruff or hard like Hillary, but she also doesn't seem like a lady who will fold under any pressure. She stands up for what she believes in and doesn't let the fact that she has kids,or one with special needs for that matter, slow her down or keep her from doing what she believes is right.

I found this blog for Meghan McCain, John McCain's daughter tonight. The pictures taken before and after the announcement speech make me like Sarah Palin even more. She uses Costco baby wipes and uses Medela bottles which are bpa free and are typically used in conjunction with one of their breast pumps. She just seems so identifiable, friendly, and unaffected by the whole situation.

I hope I continue to like her and I know that Keith hopes that I continue to like her so that he'll continue to get me to watch all the news and political coverage with him. We'll see...but as of now, so far so good.

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