Monday, August 18, 2008

better late than never...4 months

I'm a little delayed in posting Luke's 4 month pictures because it has been a busy weekend in the Waltemeyer house. With Keith's birthday falling in the middle of the week on Wednesday, we celebrated with his family on the weekend instead. Good times at Arriba's and Texas Roadhouse. I think I've gained at least 5 pounds this weekend. Oh well!

Back to Luke...

He is one amazing kid and its so hard to believe that he's already 4 months old. I know I probably say this every month (probably even everyday), but after wanting him to come for sooo long, I just feel so blessed that he's here. He's started to play peek-a-boo on Friday. He has these huge grins and has started to really laugh when we play this. Luke also loves to hear us sing Wheels on the Bus. He's also becoming such a strong little guy. We put up his play center thing and he's enjoying that, and although he doesn't quite get how to move around in it quite yet, he loves the lights and musical parts of it. Luke is definitely a mover and doesn't like to be in the same position for too long, although he isn't too vocal about it. He'll make this long, low pitched screech that's hilarious to hear. He starting to figure out that he has a voice and that its fun to test it every situation. I can't wait to see what this next month holds!

The pictures:

The standard chair pictures for each month.


Luke has also stared trying to figure out who and what Rosco is. Rosco is such a trooper too!

Not quite sure at first...
...but figured out quickly that he liked it!
I think that the play gym thing requires more of a post than this so I'll have to do that later. Off to feed the little man!

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Lolly Jane said...

how for everyone!! love his darlin little smiles!