Wednesday, August 13, 2008

our first trip as a family of three

**Let me start off by saying, who knew that you would have to pack SO MUCH for such a small child?!?**

This past weekend, we went to Show Low for my cousin Rob's wedding. If we didn't have the excuse of going to a wedding, I don't think that Keith and I would have planned to take a trip, but I am so glad that we did. The weather was absolutely beautiful and it was so nice to get to see a lot of my family again. My parents drove in from New Mexico so I was super excited to see them.

Luke wasn't quite sure of the car trip and managed to coast by with very short 15 minute naps instead of his typical 2-2.5 hour naps. He still seemed to do well without being too fussy and slept well that night. Keith and I were sure that after the crazy day, we were in for a night of crap sleep, but he proved us wrong...what a champ!

I took my camera, but forgot to take a lot of the pictures that I wanted, but here are some of the ones that I did manage to take:

Luke's first time in a hotel room...had to take pics with Mom and Dad!

Pop and Grandma came from NM!

This is how you deal with a fussy baby who refused to take any of his usual naps during the day: hold him until he crashes and then put him in his car seat. Proceed to stuff burp cloths around his ears so that he will *hopefully* not hear anything and remain sleeping. (This worked all the way through the noisy introductions, clapping, and hollering. As soon as the slow father/daughter dance came on, he totally woke up. Go figure.)
This one just because I remember how much I love feetie jammies. He wore them for, like, a day when he was born and then it was too hot. Show Low had perfect feetie jammie weather...Yay!
This last addition is just because I think Luke is adorable and because I just figured out that our camera has the ability to record video. Yippee!

Although we had a great time, its always nice to come home. So glad to be home!

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