Tuesday, August 26, 2008

its only 7:48

yes, it's only 7:48 and it feels like it should be 1 in the afternoon. Luke woke himself up at 4:30 this morning and I've been up ever since. Somehow, he manages to get himself out of his swaddler (that's getting too small already) and can't get himself back to sleep too quickly. He's never woken up like this ever so I start listening to the monitor to hear what's going on. Although he just talked to himself for the first half hour, I still wasn't able to sleep for fear that he would start crying. Of course, when he went back to sleep I still couldn't sleep because I was afraid that his swaddler was wrapped around his face. I did go check on him to make sure he was okay, which he was, but at this point, I know I'm not going to get back to sleep. Dang.

At 6:00, when its time for him to eat, the kid is sleeping so soundly that he slept all the way through a 35 minute nursing session and woke up just in time to inhale a bottle in 5 minutes. Completely unprecedented.

A few minutes ago, as he was getting sleepy, I went to change him to put him down. Crazy kid peed on me as I was trying to put diaper cream on his rear. Twice. He peed on me twice. Like once wasn't enough, he had to do it again and laugh at me the second time. He even got himself so good the second time that it landed on his binky which he continued to suck. I feel like we both need a good scrubbing, but I think that we both need naps more. Scrubbing will come later.

This is going to be an awesome day. I can just feel it.

***personal note: research extra large swaddlers so days do NOT start like this again***

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Tara said...

I hate those times when the baby is sleeping and for some reason I can't! I guess the good thing is that at least HE went back to sleep. :-) I can't believe how big he is getting! I am seeing more of you now instead of just mini-Keith. So cute! We need to get together with you guys soon.