Monday, August 25, 2008

a fabulous weekend

Keith, Luke, and I had an amazing weekend.

We started off Friday night with trying to figure out what to do for dinner. This seems to be a very popular conversation in our house seeing that we have to eat dinner every night and we *try* to change things up every now and then. We got stuck on Friday night and had a very difficult time making the decision (meaning Keith couldn't decide). Finally Keith offered to make pancakes after he turned down everything I'd suggested and I held him to it. Like he promised, we had the best pancakes ever on Friday night.

I forgot to take a picture of the final product, but they were tasty!

We went to sleep late on Friday night after trying to watch as much of the Olympics as we could, so I tried to catch up on sleep a little during Luke's morning nap on Saturday. I vaguely remember getting a phone call from my mom saying they were coming to visit that day. I called Keith and he confirmed it! They were going to surprise me, but after remembering how well I deal with surprises, they called Keith and I to let us know. We also invited Keith's mom over on Saturday night. Luke was excited to play with some of his grandparents that night!

Happy to spend time with Nonna!

Playing with Grandma...

...and big kisses for her!

Goofy faces with Pop

Luke trying to pick his nose

On Sunday we woke up early to make it to church. Luke, Keith, and my dad hung out around the house afterwards while my mom and I went shopping. Apparently Silver City is not quite the shopping mecca and their options consist of a Wal-Mart. That's it. I guess that means Mom will be down here more often! When we got back my parents headed back and we prepared for dinner with Jeannie, Holly, and Corey at Joe's Farm Grill, one of our favorite places. So yummy! We finished the evening off by playing Wii (super addictive...I schooled Keith) and giving Luke his usual bath.

Nothing too exciting this weekend, but great nonetheless.

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