Monday, November 3, 2008


We had quite the busy day for Luke's first Halloween. We started the day by taking treats to people instead of trying to get them. Just a way to show our Halloween love for others. :)

First we stopped at Treeland and gave the majority of the cupcakes to the guys there. Afterwards, we stopped by Basha's to visit Andi and drop off some cupcakes to her as well. Andi was dressed as an angel and her tech was dressed as a devil. It was cute that they had coordinating costumes. Luke had to put his monkey costume on to feel like he fit in.

Later after Luke finally woke up from a marathon nap and Keith got home, Holly came over and we sat on our driveway to hand out candy to the kids in our neighborhood. I went to put Luke's costume on him, but it was about 90 degrees outside and his costume is made of fleece. It would have been like a sauna for him, so no costume.

Emma had found a t-shirt at Target awhile ago and she wanted to get it for Baby Luke. It was so sweet of her to think of him, especially when she's only two! It fit perfect and was the right shirt to be wearing outside for the weather. Thanks Emma (and Jill)!

We brought a teething ring out for Luke and he started to share it with Keith. This reminds me of Lady and the Tramp where they were sharing their spaghetti.

We spent the last part of the night playing with Luke as the kids came to get their candy from us. After everyone left, I went right back to sewing to get ready for the boutique on Saturday. Good times!


Julie Letner said...

You are so cute to think of others. I like the idea of taking treats to others. Maybe we will try that next year.

{Mullins} said...

so cute. i think that's the same monkey costume taeg wore! old navy? so cute-love all the pics!