Monday, November 3, 2008

new mexico

I am so excited we were able to make it to New Mexico to visit my parents. They moved there officially in August, but my dad's been out there since June. I've had a hard time with them not being here, so I couldn't wait to go see them.

I initially thought it would be a good idea to leave after Keith got home on Thursday afternoon so we could feed Luke before we left, get him to sleep a chunk of the way, feed him again half way and put him down for the night in his car seat. Apparently there is no real half way point to be found along the way to Silver City, so Luke had to hold out for food longer than we had imagined which did not make him a very happy camper. We eventually found somewhere (a truck stop), fed him, and got him swaddled in his car seat. (*sidenote: nursing in the backseat of the car at a truckstop in the middle of nowhere was not one of my finer moments in life. Lessons learned.*)

When we arrived in Silver, my parents met us at a gas station so that we could follow them to their place. Luke woke up screaming and from there, I'll spare you the rest of the sleeping details of the weekend. It just didn't go well.

Friday morning we woke up, ate yummy pancakes thanks to my mom, and headed out to downtown Silver City. I forgot to take pictures, but I don't think the post is missing much because of that. It's a quaint small town and I'm glad we got to see it. We spent the rest of the time together hanging out and playing with the boys. It was so nice to have a relaxing weekend with my family and just enjoy each other's company.

Dad with Luke and Killian Friday morning

Killian and Luke playing together

Luke petting Tex. He was so excited that Tex wanted to be near him. Rosco really couldn't care any less if Luke was around or not.

Dad, Donovan, Randy, and Keith doing some "male bonding" while taking a break to repair Keith's finger from shooting guns.

Luke laughing with Pop

And we'll round the post with some pictures from Saturday night's dinner after Mass and one of my favorites of my parents with the boys.

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Sara White said...

I love your family! Your parents are such great people! It must be so hard for you now that they are gone!