Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Although I'm pretty sure the picture doesn't require an explanation, I'm going to give one.
Luke has been a poop machine the past few days. It used to be that he would poo 4 or 5 times a day, pretty much at every single diaper change. Now, he saves it or something ridiculous like that and unleashes an unholy amount of poo when he decides to go. He went through 5 pairs of pants in 2 days due to poo explosions.
Last night, we went to visit the King family to see new baby Caleb and Luke let it go in the car on the way there. Seeing as how we were only going to their house for about 30 minutes to drop off dinner to them, I didn't think to bring a change of clothes. I won't be making that mistake again.
And so I present my trashy son who doesn't wear pants and does wear stretched-out red socks. I think the belly shot just caps off the look. The only thing missing was Keith's mullet wig.


Tara said...

I believe the last time we went to visit you guys, Shea was topless. I think she gagged herself on the way over and spit up on her shirt. And yet I STILL don't always carry an extra change of clothes in the diaper bag.

Luke is too cute! We definitely need to get together with you guys after Thanksgiving. Most evenings other than Thursdays work for us. Hope you guys have a good holiday!

Kyle said...

We are so glad you guys came over last night...even with a pant-less Luke! I think I still have a mark from where Luke grabbed my arm in absolute fear of the scary dog :) Just kidding!

Thank you so much for dinner. It was very tasty and so nice to not have to cook or clean up afterward! Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are definitely thankful for friends like you :)

Sara White said...

We are white trash too! Maecyn has diarrhea a lot more than a normal kid should. She is always going with no pants! My favorite is when it come thru the diaper onto the poor mommy! I have had that in the grocery store and the restaurant. Sometimes, you just gotta let it all air out and forget pants!

Kristi said...

Hilarious!!! I can totally relate. He's so stinkin cute!