Tuesday, November 18, 2008

seven months

It's hard to believe that Luke turned 7 months old this weekend and it's amazing to me to look back and think about all of the new things he did this month.

He went on his first trip to visit my parents in New Mexico. He had a great time and did really well with one big exception; he just could not sleep well there. We figured it was just our fault for getting him so used to sleeping in his crib in a semi-quiet environment, but when we returned home, we saw these bad boys.
Chompers. We're hoping the next trip to NM goes better because the teeth are already in. He's still drooly as ever.
He's also starting to push up on his hands and can even get up on his knees in rare occasions. In the past few days he's even begun to scoot around with the army crawl. This cracks me up though because he gets one arm stuck underneath him. He hasn't figured out how to move that arm forward yet.
We've also figured out he *loves* to stand up next to the couch. I think he feels like a big boy...so important. He can't make it up there on his own, so we help him and make sure he stays safe. Sometimes Keith is a little delayed with catching him, but Luke loves the scariness of that even more.
Can you see Luke?

Luke is generally just a happy kid who enjoys playing with his toys and his parents. He's especially loves the game peek-a-boo.

I {heart} him!


Traci Tenkely said...

awwww - i {heart} you and this blog!

Heather said...

Hooray for the teeth finally coming! He is always in the spiffiest outfits.. although I shouldn't be surprised at that! :)