Friday, March 5, 2010

bless you

Well it happened. Keith and I were able to see Reagan's first smile that was actually directed at us, or actually at Keith. He was holding her tonight and after she let out a sneeze, he said, "God bless you." Apparently she really enjoys hearing bless you because she smiled the first time he said and for the few times after as well, long enough for me to run over and catch a peek.

Once again, although I was really hoping I would get a smile before Keith (he got Luke's first words!), I'm totally okay that he got this one too. Poor guy is at work all day and loves to come home to us. Since Luke is only up for a few hours after his arrival, Keith plays with Luke and then gets to spend time with Reagan after Luke goes to bed. During these past few weeks, as soon as 7pm rolls around, Reagan starts to get super fussy and isn't the most pleasant girl to be around until midnight when she passes out. Because I've felt so overwhelmed lately, Keith has tried to take Reagan during these times to give me a minute to myself.

Keith looked at me last night, clearly upset, and told me he just wanted to see her peaceful. He wanted to enjoy the little time he was able to spend with her, not feel useless and angry that she was so fussy. I love that the words "bless you" were the ones that finally got her to smile and I really do love that Keith was able to see it first. The glow on his face was worth not being the one that smile was directed at. I feel just as lucky that I was able to see the smile on Keith's face. Just as priceless.

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