Monday, March 1, 2010

one month

It's hard to believe that Reagan is already a month old. It seems like it took forever for her to get here and the time is flying by...well, almost. Time does not seem to fly by when we're up at 2am for a feeding.
2 days old
1 month old
Reagan has taken to breastfeeding like a champ. When she was first born, we were worried that I wouldn't produce enough milk like when Luke was born, so we supplemented with formula for the first three days until we met with the pediatrician. She hadn't lost very much weight, so I wanted to try to do it all on my own. It's worked so well so far, so as of right now, her sole form of nutrition is me. I'm pretty proud of the team we've become.

She is growing so much already. Reagan still looks like a newborn, but she is definitely filling out and filling in all the extra skin babies have when they are born. Her neck is officially lost somewhere underneath her chin and she has the cutest rolls on her legs. Its crazy to me that even with all the hair Reagan had at birth, its longer already. Her bald-ish spot on top is filling in and the mullet is becoming even longer in back. I could seriously make some mini ponytails back there already.

Reagan's tummy has issues, I'm not going to lie. Poor girl has the loudest and greatest amount of gas that I have ever seen or heard from a child. Maybe even from an adult. The only problem with this is that for the majority of the time, she can't get it out on her own which makes her mad. Very very mad. Keith and I have become very good and helping squish out gas and poo from her little body. We've tried gas drops and all-natural colic tablets. We've found that the tablets work better for her, but as she gets older, she seems to need them less. Either her belly is getting better or she's learning to take it like a champ.

Tummy time has been an interesting time. Being sick for a week and a half meant almost not tummy time because every time she was flat, she could barely breathe. Now that she's well again, Luke loves to get down near her. Its really a cute thing to watch, but sometime Luke can get a little over zealous. I've feared for Reagan's safety on more than one occasion. I try to protect her as much as I can, but a nearly two year old can be a very sneaky and quick creature.

Reagan can sleep almost anywhere and can sleep through almost anything. I don't worry typically about how loud Luke is (even though we are working on the concept of inside voices), even when she's taking her naps by us in the family room. She was taking naps naps like champ in her crib and bassinet, but since she's been sick, she's slept primarily in her bouncy seat with the occasional nap in her car seat. Being propped up has helped her sleep immensely, which has improved my sleep too. Reagan still wakes up once in the middle of the night for a feeding and wakes up fairly early to start the day.

She is a princess who has a definite flair for the dramatic. She loves to throw her hand over her face while she's eating. She seems to seriously dislike when someone tries to talk to her in a baby type voice. It seems she prefers our regular voices better. She loves to smile at the blinds or the ceiling fans, but is still holding out on her dad and I for that first smile. Even at a month, the girl has opinions and lets them be heard, whether its a need for a change of diaper or a desire to be held or a need for a change of scenery.

I can't wait to see what the up coming months have in store!

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