Tuesday, March 2, 2010

rub a dub, first time in the tub

Reagan's first bath at home was the typical newborn bath situation. Because of the belly button/umbilical cord thing, they can't be placed in a bathtub, so you have to give them a good wipe down instead. After feeling traumatized after Luke's first bath at home from his piercing cries of horror, I wanted to take a more gentle approach with Reagan to *hopefully* have a better experience this time around. With Luke, we undressed him all at once and went to town quickly and efficiently cleaning all of his parts. I read somewhere when I was pregnant this time that babies don't like being completely naked in the beginning. That must've been why Luke hated his first bath.

I thought we'd undress Reagan piece by piece and bathe her as we went so that it wasn't such a shock to be naked and then be soaked with water. It didn't matter. Reagan still hated her first bath as much as Luke did. I'm chalking it up to a newborn right-of-passage. You can't be a successful baby if you didn't despise your parents after your first at-home cleansing.


Jessi said...

love that last pic!

Belinda Berling said...

I agree with Jessi. Last pic is fabulous!