Monday, March 15, 2010

randoms unite!

Instead of doing a lot of little, random posts, I'm going to condense our past few weeks into one larger post.

1. We love a good group tummy time around these parts. Luke feels like he's included, Reagan has someone to look at, and most importantly, I'm there to protect Reagan from Luke's "love." Kid doesn't understand his own strength sometimes.

2. Luke has become seriously obsessed with berries of all kinds lately. Strawberries, cranberries (in Craisin form), blackberries, you name it, he gets very excited about it. He asks for them at every meal time, snack time, and times in between. Its funny to watch him eat them, too. He stuffs as many as he can in his mouth at one time. It almost looks like he's worried we might take them away, so to combat that possibility, he inhales them. The berries also stay behind on his teeth sometimes which make him look like he might be missing a front tooth.

3. I still make Luke take pictures with me. He actually asks to take pictures too, although his way of asking is him saying cheese in a question-type voice.

4. Both of my kids love their "D" as Luke calls it. We even hear Luke cry for D in the middle of the night sometimes when he shoves it between the wall and his bed and he can't reach it anymore. It's sad, but I laugh when I hear it. The D fairy will be making an appearance at our home very soon (sometime around Luke's 2nd birthday) to take his D away. Fingers crossed he doesn't freak out too much!

5. Since we have stopped giving Reagan wipe-down baths and transitioned her into the tub, she has become much better during bath time. She is way more peaceful and almost looks like she might enjoy herself. Yay!

6. Andrea came over a week or so ago to visit with us before Keith got home. While she was here I had to get Luke up from his nap. Usually Luke gets super excited to see Andi, but this time was very different. I think he might have woken up on the wrong side of his bed, but he was not happy to see her. He actually hid behind his cup for almost an hour so that she couldn't see him. As soon as it was time for her to leave, he got upset because she was going. Make up your mind kiddo.

7. Luke, Reagan, and I ventured out to meet some friends and family for lunch at Joe's Farm Grill a few Fridays back. Although it was beautiful outside and it was so nice to be around adults again, the whole trip was way more stressful than I'm ready for right now. Luke wanted to play with the other kids, but wouldn't stay with them and would just run away. Reagan spazzed out right as our food was ready so I got to eat with one hand, standing up, and rocking her. Luke was confined to the stroller at this point and refused to eat a good majority of what I brought for him but proceeded to beg food from everyone else. Thank you so much to Kate and Kyle for sharing with him! I had intended on taking more pictures, but my kids prevented that from happening. I did get one shot before the mayhem of Reagan and her cousin, Logan. Isn't he adorable?!?

8. Reagan woke up! After six-plus weeks of fighting her to keep her eyes open or to not look super-angry at us, the time has finally come for her to cooperate! She is much more alert and is smiling all the time now, although I still can't catch one for the camera. She is trying to talk and tell stories at us after each feeding, including the middle of the night ones. We're working on keeping story time to the daytime. Hopefully she catches on soon.

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Belinda Berling said...

The picture of Luke hiding behind his cup is classic!!