Tuesday, March 30, 2010

take a deep breath...

...and remember God has a plan. I need to learn to let go more and take things as they come. I need to learn that I am not the one in control and that as horrible and stressful things are at times, they always get better and there was always a purpose to my struggle.

Take yesterday, for instance. After nearly melting down at the thought of leaving my babies in three weeks, I received a phone call that cemented Reagan going to a wonderful place during my brief time back at work. She'll be in a home with only one other kiddo and with an amazing mom who I know will take wonderful care of her. Luke will get to go back to his usual daycare full time where he has an absolute blast.

And today I got a package in the mail from my students and teammates. Some of the kids had written letters and sent cards saying that they missed me. And you know what? I miss them too. Not as much as I'll miss my own two precious ones when I have to go back to work, but I do miss them.

So, I guess God has a plan and it's my job to follow and trust it.

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