Monday, April 5, 2010


This is a day I never thought would happen; I'm blogging about my kids poo.

My recent weeks as a temporary stay at home mom seem to have been consumed by poo. In one 24 hour period last week I changed 8 poopy diapers myself and Keith changed another two. Where does all this stuff come from?!? Seriously. Ten dirty diapers in one day? I feel like it could be some record.

Granted, Luke has been eating much better lately and has become more adventurous with what he will eat which is a welcome relief from his past insane pickiness and this is a very welcome change from the screaming girl that Reagan used to be every time she had to poo, but come on! So much poo! I am fairly proud of myself though. I only gag a little bit and have taken the onslaught of poo like a champ (or as much of a champ as you can be when dealing with poo)!

Here's to continued regularity!

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