Thursday, April 22, 2010

a new kind of tired

Well, I have survived almost my entire first week back and I have to say, I am pretty proud of myself for only losing it on Monday. I stayed strong the rest of the week and I've learned to treasure the time I have with my kiddos each evening. After all, its only for 26 more school days. I'll surely survive this experience for that long...right?

My body is still in a state of shock from not having the opportunity to have my daily sleep-recovery nap from 1-3 each afternoon. I've come to depend on the precious time when both kids are sleeping. It gave me the opportunity to recharge my batteries to make it through the rest of the day without being insanely crabby and to be a much better mom. With the return to teaching, there is no more nap and I feel like I definitely need one now. Being on my feet all day and managing and teaching thirty third graders brings my body and mind to a whole new level of worn out. By the afternoon, the kids are ready to be done and the whole "The Year is Almost Done" syndrome kicks in right at the time when my patience takes a serious nose dive. And how am I supposed to cope with kids drawing things so inappropriate during their Art time that even I blush? And what about those times when all thirty of them are talking at the same time when I'm trying to give directions or tell them piece of vital information? Or how about when they try to open the locked door while I'm pumping in the dark in my classroom? Or even better, how do I keep my cool when they tackle and choke each other during afternoon recess?

Simple. I remember that in 26 days, I get to stay with my babies for good. How could I be upset when I'm thinking about this?

So for now, I hope that my family doesn't mind me falling asleep on the couch each night as soon as Keith gets home. I hope they don't mind that the house is a little dirtier, the laundry doesn't get cleaned as fast, and we don't always have the most amazing dinners for the next 26 school days. I hope they forgive me if I snap or if I'm not as bubbly as I'd like to be. It will all pay off in the long run when I'm done teaching and I get to be a full time mom again.

Until then, please ignore any snoring you might hear coming from my classroom or from our couch in the afternoon. I'm in recharge mode.

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Mattie said...

Katie, I'm sure they'll understand. I do! How fortunate for you, though, that you get to stay home with your babies soon. How I dream of being able to do so.

As far as the pumping goes...just remember to always check your door to make sure it's locked. I've been walked in on by a student (who I quickly yelled at to leave...whoops!) and at the zoo on a field trip!