Thursday, April 29, 2010


There are so many things that I could be getting accomplished right now: grades, progress reports, grocery shopping, dishes, cleaning any number of things in and around our house. Take your pick. But since I'm trying to continue my positive streak and I know that any and all of those things will completely ruin the progress I've made, I'm refusing to do anything on that list. Admitting that alone puts a big smile on my face.

My personal favorite way to pass the time to avoid chores and the like? My kids. I'm really trying to just soak up every minute that I get to spend with them in the evening since I'm not able to spend nearly enough time with them during the day. I realized today that I hadn't taken any new pictures of them in *gasp* almost a week (I'm sure they were probably able to regain their sight during that time since there was no flash constantly in their face.) So, here are the latest and greatest pictures of me and the bebes.

Luke loves to play with the Transformers helmet that Keith had to get for him months before he was even born. He does need a little help to figure out how to get it on. It tends to make it on backwards initially, and when we help him get it on the right way, it fits his large head circumfrence but still dwarfs his body.
My sweet girl and I. I love those cheeks.
Reagan is getting much better with her time in the Bumbo. I really think that she likes to be able to check everything out and know what's going on everywhere in our house. Remember...she's drama. And just for fun...

I love sweet baby toes. There is something so fresh and innocent about these piggies. I know they are just feet, but I think they are precious.

And finally, I decided that I wanted to get a picture with Luke. Reagan and I have taken quite a few pictures together lately that I love and trying to be the fair parent that I strive to be, I wanted to make sure that Luke and I try to have an equal number pictures together. At this point in his short life, Luke could really not care less about the picture situation. Actually, when he sees me with the camera, he turns his back to me so I can't even get a good shot him anymore. This was my attempt to head lock him into getting a picture with me:


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