Sunday, April 25, 2010

a sleepover: pros and cons

Last night was my first night away form Luke, with two exceptions. The first night away I was trying to have my labor stopped and the second night I had just finished being in labor. Both times,someone was able to come and stay with Luke at our home. Last night was the first time Luke slept somewhere else without Keith or I being there. Yes, he did just turn two, but with my anxiety and control issues, I was never able to let him go before now. As I have some time to reflect over the past 24-ish hours since he's been gone, I've decided that this situation has some definite perks and some very real downfalls.

First, the Pros to the grandparent sleepover. (Let's start positive, right?)
1. I was able to attend the birthday party of sweet Gabrielle without having to chase Luke, convince him to sit long enough and actually eat a meal, or feel completely tag-teamed and outnumbered when they would have both needed my attention.
2. This morning, Keith and I were able to get ready for church and make it there in near-record time compared to what has become the norm for us. Having only one child to care for this morning was like a breath of fresh air. Also, we didn't have to fight Luke through church to stay still and be quiet. Keith and I were able to listen to the entire Mass and I feel like I was able to get something out of the reading and the Homily.
3. I have had a much-needed reprieve from Disney cartoons. It's a sad day when you wake up in the middle of the night for no reason with the Handy Manny theme song playing on repeat in your head.
4. When Reagan has been fussy (and yes, she has been fussy. She's a princess...remember?), I've had the opportunity to hold her, rock her, and snuggle her without fear of my house being torn to pieces by Luke in the process.
5. Luke was able to have some quality bonding time with my parents. From the updates we've received, they went to the park, watched Little Einstein's, ate pizza, took a bath, and have played in the backyard. Luke must be in heaven.

And now for the cons...
1. I can really only think of one bad side to Luke being gone for the night and to me it nearly outweighs all of the pros. I miss my boy. I miss his craziness and his infectious laugh. I miss his bear hugs and hearing the incessant car noises he makes. I miss trying to coax him to eat, although he has gotten much better about that. I miss trying to decipher what he's trying to tell me. I miss him.

Luckily, Luke is having a great time with Grandma and Pop. I'm so grateful that he has grandparents that love to spend time with him and want to get to know him better. But I'm also thankful that he's coming home soon!

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