Saturday, June 19, 2010

300: an ode to mom jeans and mini vans

With this being my big 300, I figure there is no time like the present to send out the big apology I've been wanting to give my mom for awhile, especially since conceiving, carrying, and pushing out my second kid.

Mom-I am sorry for a multitude of things that I made fun of you for or swore that I would never do myself since I was a young child. I completely take back any or all comments made about the following topics:

1.  Mom jeans. I always thought my mom super uncool because she continuously bought and religiously wore (and still wears) her "mom jeans." You know what I'm talking about; those jeans that come up nearly to your belly button that don't really do anything attractive for the female figure. The ones that probably send my husband running the other direction instead of making me seem even remotely appealing to him. But you know what? I now own some "mom jeans" and I have to say, I sort-of love them. After having my body stretched and pulled and to now have to deal with the unsightly sagginess that is some kind of weird prize for carrying two children, the higher rise pants make total sense. They keep everything tucked in place and muffin tops aren't as much of an issue. Mom jeans also have the added bonus of keeping my crack concealed when I'm running after and scooping Luke up in some public area.

2.  Mini-vans. These things were the most-detested forms of transportation that I thought someone could have during my teenage years and even up until my early-twenties (slight pause and a big boo to the fact that I am in my late twenties!). Now I find myself building them and pricing them online to see what options I consider necessities and so I know how much I need to save up to get one of these beauties. I had previously thought that SUV's were the way to go...that was until I was faced with the reality of having to buy a larger SUV (more money than a van) and having to budget and pay for gas for said SUV (more money than a van). Plus, with all the improvements that have been made to the mini-van (hello dual automatic opening doors!), it doesn't hold the same stigma to me that it used to. And let me just talk for a minute about all the crap that has to be lugged around with multiple kids. As much as I love my Highlander, if we ever decided to have a third baby (you know you want to Keith!), there will be no space to load up groceries or my heavenly double stroller once all the kids are packed in. Some mini-vans even have hide-a-way storage underneath the floorboards so that you can have additional space to stuff junk into. Or keep organized. Whatever your style might be.

3. In-car DVD players. Before my precious babies were born, I had the perfect-mom ideals that my kids would hardly watch TV and we'd do all of these fun educational activities and things would be absolutely peachy. That was a hard slap of reality that hit me after Luke was born. Sometimes, momma needs a break to be a good momma and if Disney Channel has some fabulous cartoon that keeps him occupied for a half-hour so I can get some time to put the dishes away or vacuum without someone trying to "help" the entire time, great. And really, an in-car DVD system would have been glorious for our trip to and from San Diego. Every time Luke saw a truck or a bus, he shouted and proclaimed it to us loud enough for someone two cars over to hear it. Every. single. time. He had no concept of if or when Reagan was sleeping or if mommy or daddy were frustrated, trying to figure out directions. It would have been so nice to be able to distract him for even a little bit.

And in case you are wondering, the in-car DVD system is one option that my future mini-van will have, no questions asked. So there.


kristi said...

i love this post!! aaaaaand i caught myself just today wishing my jeans were a bit higher as i strapped kase in his carseat in front of a group of people! lol :)

Belinda Berling said...

You are so funny! I love your blog :)