Thursday, June 3, 2010

three (and four) months

My dearest Reagan, I would like to sincerely apologize for not separating this into two separate posts, but seeing as how I started back to work three days prior to your three month birthday and you refuse to have a consistent night of sleep, I can't be held responsible. Please know that I've been writing this post in my head over the past month and a half; it's just been difficult to find time to actually compose my thoughts. This is actually my fourth attempt at completing even this first paragraph in the past two weeks. Sorry sweetheart!

Over the last few months, you have grown so much and have started doing so many new things. When you were born, you weighed in at 8lbs. 15oz. (78%) and measured in at 21.5in. (90%). At your four month appointment, you weighed in at 13.6lbs. (48%) and measured in at 26.5in. (99%). Dr. Chang predicted that at the rate you're growing, you'll end up being around 5ft. 8in. and 130lbs as an adult. I'm jealous! Although tummy time still is probably your least favorite activity, we've made you do much more of it since your massive amounts of spit-up have become better controlled by using  medication. You're able to hold your head up easily on your own and you have become much better with having stable trunk control. This will be especially helpful as we continue to work on sitting up on your own!

Sleep is still a bone of contention between you and your dad and I. You sleep regularly from 10pm to 4am like a champ each night, but we still can't figure out why some nights you fuss and cry until that magical 10:00 time and other nights you are passed out at 7. If you could figure out how to fall asleep at 7 each night, that would be greatly appreciated. Or you could even sleep past 5:30am and I'd take that too. It's funny; before you were born, I'd beg your dad to come to bed before 11 so by the time I got up at 6, I'd have had an okay night of sleep. What I wouldn't give for you to follow that now!

Miss Reagan-I have taken to lovingly calling you "Princess." In fact, I've already started planning your first birthday party (you'll learn that I thrive on planning) with a princess-theme in mind. You definitely know what you want, when you want it, and how you'd like things to happen. It's hard to resist because you are just so dang cute. I remember before I even married your dad, Andi told me that she hoped I'd have a sassy little girl and man, did she ever nail your personality to a t. Every time I get frustrated, I look at you beaming with that amazing gummy smile and I can't help but melt. This could become potentially dangerous when you hit the teenage years, but for now, I'll just enjoy it.

You are still a fabulous eater. I love when you get so excited to eat your mouth starts sucking before you are even close enough to latch on. I guess its still shocking to me that I have a child that I don't have to headlock to force feed. That has really been a welcome change from what I was previously used to. Keep it up!

My love bug: everyday you grow and change and become even more of a blessing in our lives. I love what you add to our family and how you manage to add a little spice to everything we do now. We love you Reagan!

3 months
4 months

Rolls! Or really one, but something I was never able to do for Luke. I did that all by myself!
smiley girl
Reagan lights up anytime Luke comes around. She loves to watch and be around her big brother!


Tara said...

Okay, that first "drama" pouty one where she's looking at the camera needs to be in a frame!

Belinda Berling said...

Oh my god, she is so gorgeous!! My favorite picture is the last one. Great smile!

And you are no alone, I plan everything like crazy too. I have vacations planned out for years and I even find out what gates our flights will be at and plan the best routes in and out of airports. Weird, I know, but I just have to do it!

Jessi said...

Lots of pink! too cute!