Sunday, June 27, 2010

seaport village

Being as we were going to be in San Diego for only a limited amount of time, Keith and I were trying to pack in as many new and fun experiences for the kids (aka: Luke) as we could. After cheering on Andi, Gail, and Stef in the early morning and then exploring the rest of the a.m. at Sea World, we thought we'd be ambitious and attempt the beach that day too. Even though Stef had recommended a beach 10 miles away from where we were staying, Keith didn't want to drive that far, so we ended up attempting Mission Beach which was less than a mile from our hotel.

When Luke and Reagan and Keith and I all woke up from naps, we donned our suits, lathered up with sunscreen, packed up our enormous amount of gear needed for the beach, and headed out. As soon as we stepped out of the room, we spotted the first group of people wearing sweat shirts and pants. We had apparently missed the memo that it was now cold outside. Since we didn't find it to be exceptionally chilly, we kept going with the plan, including keeping kids in suits, t-shirts, and flip flops.

The closer we drove to Mission Beach, we realized that maybe this wasn't the day for the beach. There were thousands of people milling around (all dressed in pants and sweat shirts too) and no parking spots to be found even remotely near the beach. My anxiety was ratcheting up quicker than I can even explain and I was not about to haul the amazing amount of stuff blocks to the beach, so Keith and I made the executive decision to go back to the hotel to regroup.

After little debate on the ride back, we decided that Seaport Village was much more our style for the evening. It turns out it was a bit chilly and overcast so it really worked out for the better. We were able to have a nice relaxed evening checking out the water and the little shops they have there.

The husband and I.

One of my favorite parts of the adventure to the beach Seaport Village was Luke getting the chance to ride on a Carousel for the first time. Like Luke is typically with things he does for the first time, he wasn't so sure at first, but once the ride got going, he was having the time of his life.

Someone seems to missing from most of this re-cap and display of pictures...oh yes, Reagan. The poor girl was so worn out from our exciting day that this is what she looked like for nearly our entire time at Seaport Village:

Sweet dreams baby girl.

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