Friday, June 11, 2010

terror tantrums

I'm deep in the throes of photo editing all of the pictures I/we took over the course of our vacation. Its been quite the monumental task, but I want to do a respectable job since they will be out into a blog book for me and my family to look at and reminisce about for years to come.

Sorry...that was completely off topic, but something that I thought needed to be said because this isn't another San Diego post (although there are more to come!), but a post that I wanted to get out before I forgot or didn't think this was so cute anymore.

Luke has hit the I'm-two-and-I'm-now-scared-of everything stage. Our once champion sleeper has now decided he is petrified of the dark so he has not one, but two nightlights to help combat whatever scares him about the dark so he can get a solid night's sleep. Today he woke up from his nap screaming. When I rushed in to see what was wrong, he was on his hands and knees, crying super hard with his head hung down. I asked his what was wrong and he pointed to a minuscule black speck on his headboard. He was afraid of the speck. Maybe he thought it was a bug or something; I couldn't really tell because his Luke-language was especially hard to decipher as he was trying to recover.

The fear that takes the cake is still his insane fear of bees. He's never really been exposed to them in a situation that would create such an intense dislike of them, yet any flying bug still causes him to think his world is about to stop. Take our ride home from San Diego, for instance. We had to pull over to swaddle Reagan because she was refusing to sleep without it. We ended up stopping in the middle of some podunk town called Mobile in front of what I think was a school. As I was wrapping her in her car seat, about 10 flies found their way into our car. Luke began letting out piercing screams as they began to land on him and his car seat. Keith and I tried to frantically swat them out as quickly as possible while trying to calm Luke down. Every so often one of those little buggers would fly out of nowhere and land on him again and we'd repeat the whole process over again. Funniest part about it? Earlier in the day at the zoo, Luke was putting his hands on the outside of the bee exhibit without any issue.

I really hope for Luke's sake this really is just a stage and that he didn't inherit my obsessive scaredy-catness. I guess only time will tell...

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