Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The past few weeks have been difficult on the momma front. With battling Reagan's ear infections, sleep issues, eating issues, and all around princess attitude in combination with Luke's increased craziness due to being trapped in the house courtesy of his sister and the wicked heat and/or humidity outside, I have been frazzled and cranky. I was beginning to wonder if staying home with my babies was the best idea and then today happened and my life was drastically put into perspective.

A friend of a friend is hanging on to dear life right now from severe complications of child birth. It was a condition that no one could have prevented or known was even there. My heart hurts for her family: a husband who must be torn between his brand new baby girl at one hospital and his wife who is fighting for her life at another hospital across town, her toddler son who is so very close to Luke in age, and their precious baby girl who might not ever get to know her mother.

I am one lucky person to have been able to conceive, carry, and give birth to two healthy children. I've had the opportunity to snuggle them when they were hours old. I've been able to nurse them, feed them, nourish them. I've been able to watch them grow and change. I've been able to comfort them during hard times and celebrate the joys of childhood. I've experienced their milestones and been there to love them every second of every day.

Whatever tough times are to come, and I know they will come, I'll reflect back on today and realize how good I've got things. I just hope and pray that this mother gets the same chances that I've had.


Jessi said...

prayers for their family.reminds me of a similar story I followed a while ago...the husband has made great strides from an unfortunate circumstance.

Andrea Seibolt said...

Thanks Katie. This is hard man! I have known Melanie for years and have never been too close to here but I sit back and think of her family and Jen's sister and can't imagine what she is feeling knowing her best friend is so sick. Keep sounds better than yesterday but who knows...