Friday, July 23, 2010

six months

Half a year has passed since Reagan was forced to grace us with her presence. I know I say it every month, but I still can't believe that she's that old already. How is time going by this fast? I'm trying to soak up every single minute with her.

Reagan has really become quite a smiley girl, although you'd really not know from the pictures you see. Poor girl has already learned what the black box does once its in her face. Even now that I hardly use the flash since I've learned the manual settings, she is not super cooperative in the picture department. If I catch her smiling, its typically a fluke thing. But trust me, she has an amazingly beautiful smile. Gummy as ever with no teeth to speak of yet, but definitely a stunner.

Anytime she's sitting still (or not), Reagan likes to keep her legs crossed at the ankles. She even attempts to do this while she's in her activity table thingee; she's a girl that makes sure that she sits/stands/lays down properly.

The girl still hasn't figured out sleeping. One day she'll sleep seven hours straight, nurse, and then go right back to sleep. Other nights I'm lucky if she sleeps four hours total. The past two night have been awesome, but I'm not holding my breath. We'll see what the future holds. One night, Reagan refused to sleep so I after hours of trying to calm her, I laid her down on our bed and rubbed her back until she finally crashed. It was a completely stressful situation, but how can you hold a grudge when this is what you see at the end?

Reagan got to experience using a sippy cup for the first time. The first few times were really confusing for her and she didn't quite grasp the concept, but now she's a champ with it. Reagan will now eat oatmeal and barley cereals easily and even gets so excited when I'm making them that she will kick her legs feverishly until I can get the food in her mouth. She's also eating green beans and peas too. She doesn't care for them nearly as much as the cereal, but she'll tolerate them.

I even attempted to make her some homemade green beans, peas, and sweet potatoes. I really enjoyed making them, feeling incredibly productive, but once I actually fed her what I'd made, I realized that I hadn't done such a good job. Back to the drawing board on those...

Reagan is getting much smarter about Luke. She still loves to be around him, but now you can see her visibly brace herself as he runs toward her. Her eyes squint shut and her hands go up to protect her face. Its not that Luke is mean to her in any manner; I think he just loves her too much. He doesn't understand his strength versus hers and she's been really good at putting up with it.

We're half way to her first birthday. Crazy.


Mattie said...

If you didn't already, you can add breastmilk to the food that your are making to make them thinner or to add some sweetness.

Heather said...

Wow. 6 months already?! What a beautiful girl. Too cute how she crosses her legs and I love the pic of Luke reading to her. :)

Traci Tenkely said...

The pic of her and Luke reading together is priceless. I still have to meet this princess!