Saturday, July 3, 2010

5 months

It's really hard for me wrap my head around the idea that Reagan is already five months old. Our little princess is growing up so fast and doing so many new things. I'm not sure if she'll be our last baby (or not) so I'm just trying to take in all of her precious moments and enjoy them as much as I can right now.

Because she turned five months old, one of the first things Reagan was able to do to celebrate was get her first experience in the activity table. She absolutely adores her time in that thing! Luke does get a bit jealous when she's in it, but for the most part, Reagan is having a great time being able to see more of her surroundings and have the opportunity to play with new toys that make noise and are far more interactive.

Look at those feet. Don't they look like dancing feet?

Another milestone Reagan reached this month was the ability to sit up fairly independently. She's still a little wobbly, but she's definitely got the ability to do it.

The new experiences keep on coming! Reagan also had her first taste of solid foods this month. Seeing as how Reagan is still nowhere near sleeping through the night, we thought that maybe giving her a little rice cereal at her last major feeding before bed time might help stretch out her night time sleep. Of course it didn't help, but she has really liked the oatmeal we've given her; rice cereal not so much.

Reagan has grown into such a smiley baby that still isn't shy about letting you know when she isn't happy about something. During one of our few quiet moments together a few days ago while both kids were asleep, Keith and I were discussing how lucky we are to have two amazing kids. Reagan has fit right into our family and its hard to remember what life was like before she was here...maybe that's just the sleep deprivation talking.

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Belinda Berling said...

She's a gorgeous girl!