Friday, July 23, 2010

pictures please!

After I was surprised with my *new*fabulous*wonderful* camera, Keith also signed me up for an online photography workshop so that I could learn how to better use the manual settings on the camera. I was okay with the idea, but no super over-the-moon excited about it. That class has actually been as valuable to me as the actual camera. I've learned what my camera can actually do and how to adjust the settings to get a good shot. Each week we have an assignment and after we post our homework on the message board, each picture is critiqued and we're given helpful hints as to what we can do to improve our photography skills.

Let me say, I have always loved pictures. I love being able to capture a moment, be it happy or not, to remember for always. I love to look back and reminisce about the story behind any given photograph. To me, pictures serve as tangible reminders of memories that could have been forgotten. I love that I get to express myself creatively through my pictures and now, I feel like I might actually be able to take pictures that I'm proud of.

Assignment One: We were asked to practice our shutter speed (how fast your camera records an image-don't I sound fancy?!?). Luke was my (un)willing subject.

Assignment Two: This week was completely in manual. This week was super hard as it was the first we were completely "in control" of our cameras. I picked all the settings!

Assignment Three: Practice shooting with light coming from three different directions: front, side, and back. I was lucky enough that my new nephew was born that same week so I hustled on over to the hospital to take pictures. Isn't he adorable?!?

Assignment Four: We had to start getting creative with the composition of our shots. Andi and Andrew were really nice to pose for me...especially because it was 108 degrees outside when these were taken!

Assignment Five: The culmination. For this week's homework, we were free to basically do what we wanted that demonstrated what we had learned over the course of the class.

I have had an amazing time getting to know my camera and photography style from this class. In case anyone is interested, check out She is fabulous!


Mattie said...

You're photos are fabulous! What type of camera do you have?

Heather said...

You are a pro already! Kimberly Jarman may not like you cause I may have to go with you by the time I get married! ;) Keep up the awesome photography skills!

Karen said...

Amazing!! Great job Katie!!

Sara White said...

Those are soooo great Katie! You did a FANTASTIC job! What a beautiful model too!