Friday, October 17, 2008

six months

six months. half a year. on the downward slope to his first birthday. holy cow!

I have treasured every single second of these past six months with our little man. Every smile, every laugh and giggle, every milestone, every cry, every poop (even the one that went up his back), every minute of worry, everything. This kid is so completely amazing to me in everything that he does; I am just so incredibly blessed.

This month he began rolling from his back to his belly which totally caught Keith and I off guard the morning we found him like that. He still isn't a huge fan of rolling in general, although he isn't afraid to roll to get to something he wants. He sits up like a champ now and rarely falls. He's become so much more personable and has such a fun personality. He knows what he likes and doesn't and isn't afraid to let you know one way or another. He sleeps a solid 10 hours through the night (praise God!), but he's recently tried to adjust his schedule but can't figure out quite yet what works best for him.

Here are the requisite chair pictures, plus some pictures from various "photo shoots" we've had the past week or so:

We also learned this month that Luke enjoys being out of his car seat when we go shopping. He had a great first experience when we put him in the shopping cart at Sam's.

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Traci Tenkely said...

Seriously - cutest photos yet!! I didn't think he could possibly get any cuter but I love that bucket hat!