Monday, February 2, 2009

fiesta de reilly

My freshman year (and only year) at NAU was amazing for primarily one reason: the girls I became friends with. Some of us had known each other before, some were new, and some had even come from out of state, and we all bonded together and spent A LOT of time together. I still look back on that year as one of my most favorite and treasured years.

Every weekend, quite few of us went home (let's be honest, probably me most of all). When we'd come back, we'd each bring back some part of a Mexican feast and make quesadillas on Jessi's quesadilla maker. We lovingly dubbed the night Mexico Sunday and it became a tradition.

It's been almost eight years (gasp!) since that wonderful year and I decided that it was time for a reunion of sorts. On Saturday, we celebrated Mexico Sunday (on Saturday). As we did before, each of us provided a portion of our feast and we were even able to share it with some of the boys this time.
We started off the night by eating. Jessi and I weren't aware of our amazing strength; Jessi more than myself. Jessi broke her fork in half while I only broke off one pokey part of mine.

It was Stef's birthday on Wednesday and a few of us weren't able to make it to her birthday dinner, so I thought I'd make her a cake so we could all sing to her and help her celebrate-again. Who doesn't love to celebrate a birthday multiple times?

Andrew helped to entertain the boys, while the girls took turns passing Caleb around. He is such a cutie! Andi even got a smile or two with those big dimples out of him.

Of course we had to take a group picture. I was only able to get four in picture at once with me holding the camera, so Keith helped with being the photographer. I love these ladies and I'm so blessed to still be able to call them friends so many years later. Although I didn't last past that first year, my decision to come home had absolutely nothing to do with them (and everything to do with the snow!). Love you guys!

And to finish off the evening, an awesome video of Brayden telling everyone to settle down. He cracks me up!


Kyle said...

We had so much fun that night! Thanks for having us all over to your house :) My child was absolutely crazy by the end of the night, but what can ya do? Hope we see each other again soon!

Heather said...

Thanks so much for organzing this amazing evening! It was so much fun seeing and catching up with everyone! I'm already loking forward to the next reunion adventure:) (I have right clicked the pics too hehe)XoXo

Stefanie said...

it was so good to see all of you amazing ladies once again. i love you all so much! and thank for the fabulous cake, and documenting me trying not to catch my hair on fire! =)