Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Luke is officially ten months old now, although from every stranger we've met in stores lately, he could apparently pass for a child who is easily a year old already. He crawls at a ridiculous speed and its hard to keep up with him, although he's much happier walking behind his toy or holding on to some one's fingers. He stands like a champ on his own, but refuses to take any steps on his own yet. I'm completely okay with that.

I had to take this picture from behind because he's obsessed with the camera (that's my boy!). He'll sit for the longest time looking at and reviewing pictures on the camera screen. If he sees the camera, all possibilities for getting the picture of him standing are lost. I have to take what I can get!
He has such a crazy little personality. He's started to sing along with songs on the radio and he even sang along to the song over the loudspeaker in Macy's this weekend. I put mariachi music on in his room today as I was programming the clock in his room and he loved that. He spent the next few minutes screeching along and bouncing around his crib. He's also started his own version of show and tell these past few days, only his version is tell and show. He babbles away with something in his hands and then makes sure that you see what he's talking about. Example:

water bottles

Luke's also starting to figure out the differences between open and close and in and out. Maybe its because I'm a teacher, but all of these new things he's learning like this never cease to amaze me. One day he chucks toys all over the place, the next he can put toys in a pail and take them out nicely. (secretly I'm super excited because maybe this means he'll be close to helping me put away his toys someday soon!) He's figured out how to close doors now, which means we are extra careful about letting him crawl around on his own. We don't want any squished fingers here, nor do we want the opportunity for him to learn to open them yet. That's a bridge I'll wait to cross.

This past month has not produced any more teeth for Luke. We think he has some on the horizon with his behavior and unwillingness for us to go near his mouth, but for now, still the two bottom ones and that's it. We've started trying to give him more solid, real people food, but it's difficult without those extra teeth. He's staring at our food now and you can tell he really wants some, but I know there is no way he's going to chew chicken with just the two bottom ones. Sorry Charlie-not gonna happen!

He's still an incredibly happy baby. We have been so insanely blessed to have this munchkin with us. He's definitely a keeper!


Heather said...

I cannot believe how much he is doing already!That is too cute he sings along.enogr It brings a lil tear to my eye to hear he loves pictures already!

Traci Tenkely said...

I can't wait for Luke to get older and read this blog! You have seriously done a great job with the little details that will make him feel so special when he is older! So big already!