Wednesday, February 18, 2009

out longer

A thought occurred to me today that I hadn't realized when I was typing up the ten month post. Luke has been out of me now longer than he was in me. The typical length of a pregnancy is 40 weeks which equals out to about 9.5 months. Seeing as how Luke decided (or we finally decided for him) to make his entrance two weeks late, that puts him at a gestation of ten months almost exactly. 

I look back now on my time being pregnant remembering that it seemed to go by fairly quickly. It helped that I was teaching during the entire time, so I never really had a chance to just dwell on the fact that I was carrying a child. Just kidding-the first three months when I felt nauseous every. single. afternoon (although I never threw up) and slept almost constantly during that time and the last two weeks when he refused to come out seemed to drag, but overall, an amazing experience that I look forward to having again someday.

But as fast as that time went, this time has gone by at even more accelerated speed. I know my life isn't crazy exciting, or most days even a little exciting, but I feel like Luke was just born yesterday. I blink and he's grown another inch. I wake up in the morning and he went from just lying there one day to being so close to walking. I 've been here for every minute, yet I feel like it's happening so fast that I can't keep up. 

The beginning of this journey...
(4 weeks pregnant)

...the middle...

...and where we are now.


Belinda Berling said...

You are so cute, Katie! Love your blog!

Traci Tenkely said...

omigosh! for a brief moment I thought you were going to tell us you are already on number two! I just got really excited.