Thursday, February 26, 2009

i've found the grinch's long lost nephew

As I was walking Holly out of the house this afternoon, this lovely dog greeted us. For some reason, it seems that s/he has mistaken my home for his (or hers-I didn't really want to check, if you know what I mean). After checking the neck, which it easily let me do, we figured out that it didn't have a collar on, let alone tags. 

This poor dog looks like it has been so neglected. What's left of the hair on the tail is in dreads. It has a stick stuck to its back two legs. I tried to pull it off, but it's so matted in there, that it looked like I was pulling the skin off. It's missing a good majority of the hair on it's body, although it's still in full supply around it's face. The paws are what really kill me. The hair is so long it truly resembles the feet of the Grinch. The dog was panting so hard that I offered it a bowl of water which it proceeded to drink for a solid five minutes. We thought about giving him food too, but he vomited whatever he had eaten previously on my front porch (Keith, it's waiting for you...Yay!). 

S/he is now contained in my backyard so that Animal Control can come get it. The deal is that they will come get him faster if we have him cooped up somewhere and faster to them is 2 hours quicker. Okay! In my backyard s/he goes!

My heart goes out to this poor guy. It is such a sweet dog; I hope some family gets to adopt it and give it a good home. And I hope Animal Control gets here relatively soon.


Mattie said...

That poor dog!! How do you get a stick attached to your backside like that?!

Heather said...

Oh my wow. You are right on about the Grinch! Poor lil thing... Yay for you being nice to it!

Andrea said...

That is the ugliest dog EVER. Oh my gosh that just totally made my day. Love you a million!

Eric Hildwine said...

You are a nicer person than I. That dog would have met my .45 real quick. What an uggo.

Belinda Berling said...

That poor little baby! I can't believe someone would allow their pet to get to that state. It's heartbreaking!