Thursday, February 26, 2009

a grinch-y update

Less than an hour after I placed the phone call to Animal Control, they were at my door step to pick the dog up. I was very impressed with their speediness; the man I spoke to on the phone said it could take up to four hours with a possibility to reschedule for the next day. 

As soon as the guy (dog catcher?) caught sight of the dog, he told me the reason the dog looks so crazy was that it had mange. I always thought mange was a made up term. Mangy. Nope-it's a highly contagious disease that can spread to other animals and humans. Yippee! I had to keep Rosco locked out of the back yard until Keith had a chance to disinfect our front porch and backyard. That's right. Keith had to disinfect our backyard. That's not one you hear everyday.

And now for the craziest part of the whole ordeal: As Keith was checking the mail on his way home, someone from our neighborhood was putting up signs looking for the dog. You mean to tell me that someone actually let their dog look that rough? Even the dog catcher guy said it looked like the dog had been abandoned. There is no way that stick attached itself to that dog in a short amount of time. And who lets their dog's paws become so overgrown that the poor dog could hardly walk?

I have half a mind to call Animal Control and beg that the dog be placed in a better home. Just not mine.


Carrie Ann said...

Hello you two! I came across your blog and thought I would say hi! :) Your little one is super cute...congrat's!
Carrie (Owens) Woldeab

Julie Letner said...

What a crazy looking dog! you are so nice to take care of it until the dog catcher guy came. In my neighborhood dogs wander like cats, so I would never think of seeing if they were lost or not. I can't believe he had an owner either.

Donna said...

How do you disinfect a backyard? Good thing you don't have an acre!!
You are such a good you! Mom