Monday, February 9, 2009

should i? not sure... going to? yep.

It's official-or as official as it can get at this point. I'm going to back to teaching for a year. 

I sent my letter to the district today and spoke with the principal confirming everything. It's nice to have made a decision, and I fully intend to stick with it, but I can't help but feel a smidge nervous about the whole thing. I know that I am, by nature, a nervous person, but this is more than that. I'm not guaranteed a specific grade level so I could be teaching kindergartners or *gasp* sixth graders. I just keep saying to myself, I can do anything for a year, right? And really, it's only 10 months. Luke will be well taken care of. He won't even remember years down the road that I even left him for  those few months. He'll survive. I'll survive.

This should be interesting...


Heather said...

Aw yay for you. I know this was a hard decision for you but as you said you will all survive. I am proud of you for making your decision.The kiddos you end up teaching will be so lucky to have you in their lives. XoXo

Jessi said...

What a hard decision! And like you said, those 10 months will be just a blip on the radar down the road. :)